It's Time for Tea - each 4th Thursday a month

With the introduction of Tea Time Talks, KIDS Regio wants to stimulate the kind of conversation that is missing right now for newcomers as well as for long-established peers. What’s going on in European countries when it comes to children’s film? What kind of festivals are there in Italy? How do I finance a project in Switzerland? What’s going on with film education in Czechia and what does Poland have to offer in terms of talent development?

We are all missing the cinema and festivals and the atmosphere we encounter at an event coming together with like-minded people. We are missing out on watching a film on the big screen with the audience we all built our jobs around – the children. We are also missing out on much appreciated exchanges with colleagues.

This is especially hard for newcomers who would usually use industry events to get a glimpse of the children’s film industry. But also for established colleagues a lot of information falls by the sideway. We all know even with our closest co-workers we only call if something is deemed important enough to pick up the phone.

All those little chats over coffee, lunch and tea, sharing knowledge, ideas and observations that seem interesting but not important enough don’t happen anymore. How many great films, workshops, festival offers, film education projects and research of the past years owe their existence to seemingly unimportant chats between doors?

Let’s find out together!

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Our project manager Anne will meet an expert from a different region each month over a cup of tea to chat about what’s going on in their country. The sessions will be recorded and post-produced to be released each 4th Thursday a month. Each session will have the perfect length for you to finish a cup of tea and some cookies yourself – around 30 minutes to let your mind wander and be inspired.

Starting in January 2021 with an exceptionally longer session, Anne kicks off the series with Signe Zeilich-Jensen and Petri Kemppinen to talk a bit about the general picture to warm up and jump into national chats from February on.

Next Tea Time Video

Start: 25 November, 15:00 CET Online, Alfred Sesma, Sales & Acquisitions at Pack Màgic, Spain

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Tea Time Video l January Session

with Signe Zeilich-Jensen and Petri Kemppinen

Tea Time Video l February Session

with Lennart Ström, Director of M:brane, Sweden

Tea Time Video l March Session

with Julia Tal, founding member of AG Kinderfilm, Switzerland

Tea Time Video l April Session

with Maciej Jakubczyk, director of the education department and board member of the New Horizons Association, Poland

Tea Time Video l May Session

with Susana Costa Pereira, Creative Europe Desk, Portugal

Tea Time Video l June Session

with Živa Jurančič, Film Education & Young Audiences Programme Manager at Kinodvor, Slovenia

Tea Time Video l July Session

with Laufey Guðjónsdóttir, Director of the Icelandic Film Centre, Iceland

Tea Time Video l August Session

with Programme Policy Manager at Film Centre of Montenegro Sanja Jovanović, Montenegro

Tea Time Video l September Session

with Head of Film Education at Cineteca di Bologna Elisa Giovannelli, Italy

Tea Time Video l October Session

with Deputy Artistic Director of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People Pantelis Panteloglou, Greece

Tea Time Video l November Session

with Alfred Sesma, Sales & Acquisitions at Pack Màgic, Spain