Initiative KIDS Regio

KIDS Regio presents a lobby initiative for high quality and multi-faceted European Children’s Films. It functions as an agent between policy and society, the film industry and the scientific world in order to form a network and discuss new synergies. Thus the initiative supports the industry professionals in film for children & youth and built a platform to strengthen existing networks and define solutions to improve the status, transfer and variety of European productions, co-productions & distributions for children and youth. 

KIDS Regio particularly supports original live-action feature films for children, which offer children a wide variety of stories, genres and styles. 

Our Mission is to stimulate and strengthen live action children films. KIDS Regio acts according to the following 5 point agenda of the Erfurt declaration.

The Opening Industry Day 2017: Engage, Inspire, Immerge


In cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Sweden and Denmark.

on TUESDAY, March, 14th 2017 in Malmö, Sweden
Venue: HIPP / Time: 13:00-21:00
Accreditation Desk opens at 12:00

The Opening Industry Day provides an exchange hub for creatives working within the children’s screen content business. The objective is to support and improve the development, production, financing, distribution and access of media content for children by recognizing the specifics of the young audience and increase young audience’s viewing of innovative, high quality and multi-faceted children’s content across Europe. Thus it creates the ground for keynotes and workshops of experts that have transformed the media landscape particularly demonstrating how content is disseminated and honed in respect to its target group and the market.

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